• LiveScreens is the first managed service to add high value real-time interactivity to live broadcast, webcast and connected events.

    Viewers have an improved experience.

    Live content creators, owners and distributors, hold viewer attention and gain new revenue opportunities.

    Brand-owners interact directly with potential clients.

Livescreens for

livescreens for broadcasters

Livescreens for Broadcasters

Livescreens allows you to build up valuable insight into your viewers.

With a Livescreens enabled show you can gather demographic information of your most devoted fanbase such as gender, age and location and ask targeted questions to build up a full picture of their likes and dislikes.

As a broadcaster of multiple shows you can correlate this information across shows to better understand and identify opportunities for scheduling, cross-promotion and advertising.

With Livescreens you can gain additional revenue by linking products shown on-air directly to retailers’ online sites. You can also benefit from targeting paid adverts at particular viewer groups.

At the same time Livescreens can make your live shows more engaging by including, in real time, content created by viewers. This enhances the viewing experience and increases your viewer share.

Livescreens adds an online proposition for your live shows without requiring you to develop or deploy applications. We manage and operate the service for you.


Livescreens for Production Companies

Livescreens for Production Companies

Livescreens gives you the ability both to create new innovative and exciting live show formats and to enhance your existing successful formats.

By using Livescreens online content can be created, edited and managed during a live show.

Content can consist of calls for viewers to submit comments and photos, complete polls and quizzes. Responses and poll and quiz results can be relayed to presenters and published to on-air graphics systems.

Advertising, links to retail sites and voucher offers can all be targeted to viewers.

Adding Livescreens to your formats makes your shows more appealing to broadcasters, advertisers and viewers.


Livescreens for Advertising Agencies

Livescreens for Advertising Agencies

Livescreens creates a strong link between broadcast television and e-commerce leading to additional sales and brand enhancement.

Including the targeted advertising and click through features of Livescreens as part of your media plan gives your clients’ new opportunities to sell to their target markets and improve their brand. It also improves your standing as a smart, creative partner.


Livescreens for Event Producers

Livescreens for Event Producers

All of the benefits of Livescreens can be realised at conferences, festivals and live events, making your event more engaging for the audience and opening up new advertising opportunities.

An operator, trained by Livescreens, can spontaneously create and edit content and publish content to your audience just at the right time.

As Livescreens is a robust, cloud deployed scalable service it can be deployed for any event, no matter how large or disperse.